Twin Tigers – Curious Faces / Violet Future

Twin Tigers – Curious Faces / Violet Future / 2008 Self / 6 Tracks / /

The dreamy type of pop music that issues forth from the Twin Tigers CD hits on Radiohead, The Pixies, and even the Jesus and Mary Chain. However, instead of merely being a derivate type of band, the act does a tremendous amount of creation of their own sound on this EP. Where the act can get a little confused, as during their muddled vocals during points of “If”, the strung-out, echoing sound of the act will be something that individuals can easily get behind. The band does well in crafting a coherent album with so few sounds; while there are different approaches and styles present through each of the 6 tracks on “Curious Faces / Violet Future”, individuals will be able to identify who the band is and what era the song is from, due to this clarity.

The final track on the disc is “Invisible Zombies”, a song that has a more direct approach than has been present during previous tracks on the EP. This is due to the fact that the bass takes a focal role on the song, even presenting itself ahead of the vocls. The vocals add much to the track, as well; the falsetto achieved by the vocals during “Invisible Zombies” provides the perfect counterpoint for the deep and chunky bass lines that are present here. Twin Tigers are a relatively new act, but I have no doubt that they will start to gain an audience when this EP comes out (June 10th). So, check out their web site, hear what they are doing, and if you like it, \pick up this EP whenever it is available.  The fact that the act can take on seventies rock, goth, indie and alternative forms of rock and still create something coherent is a testament to their talent. I wonder how they will sound live, but they are pretty damn spiffy on CD.

Top Track: Red Fox Run
Rating: 6.0/10

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