Busta Rhymes (Feat. Linkin Park) – We Made It

Busta Rhymes (Feat. Linkin Park) – We Made It / 2008 Aftermath / 3 Tracks / http://www.bustarhymes.com / http://www.aftermath-entertainment.com /

Linkin Park has worked with rappers before. Individuals would do to look back to the mash-up album that they had with “Numb/Encore”. Busta Rhymes is gradually gaining back some of the momentum that ey had a few years back, especially when one hears eir hot flow on Missy Eliot’s Chin A Ling remix. “We Made It” is the perfect blend of rock and rap, with Chester’s vocals on the track acting as the bridge between the rock elements of Linkin Park and the rap brought to the track by Busta. This track will be what is played on rock, rap, pop, and (maybe) even alternative stations throughout the summer. Where both acts have struggled in the last few years to stay in the public eye, the strong effort that both enter into with “We Made It” ensure that individuals will care again what each act is doing. “Blessed” will undoubtedly be another platinum album for Busta Rhymes, and “We Made It” will do what “Live from SoHo” could not, and ensure that the band will reach the highest levels of superstardom. Rap/rock remixes are typically impressive on their own right, and “We Made It” is no exception.

Rating: 6.5/10

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