Metermaids – Metermaids EP

“Don’t Sleep” is the first track on this self-titled EP, and it immediately assaults individuals with a funky set of instrumentation that flows smoothly into rap. Perhaps the most interesting part of this EP is that there are no samples of any kind, a fact that is made all the more amazing considering the amount of acts and bands that build their success off of singles. Where the hook no “Don’t Sleep” is a little disjointed given the rest of the track, the lively instrumentation here will allow listeners to stick around until “Back and Forth” starts up. “Back and Forth” continues with this fun and funky instrumentation, while the vocals again approach rap in a very “Paul’s Boutique” or House of Pain type of style.

Where “Don’t Sleep” showed individuals an act that is trying but still struggling to come forth with a solid sound, the act is spot-on when it comes to their flows on this track. Metermaids have heard a lot of Rhymesayers / Atmosphere acts, and it shows during this track. “Let It Rain” is the first track on the second half of the EP, and it brings individuals a more chill style for Metermaids. Where the act succeeded during “Back and Forth” with a faster flow, the slower approach taken during “Let It Rain” is done up perfectly by the band here. The female vocals during this track add a little variety to the track, and the act is able to continue strongly to the final track on the EP, “Brand New”. “Brand New” is an echoing, otherworldly track that provides individuals with a sense of an uncertain future for the Metermaids. The track does not feel as if it has started, and is snuffed out before the act can get started. However, the overall sound of this self-titled EP is miles ahead of many other independent rappers; I’d like to see how Metermaids string together a full length.

Top Track: Back and Forth

Rating: 6.6/10

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