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“Just Being Me” is the first track on “The Traveler”, and the song is the perfect introduction to a singer that blends a contemporary sound with a late eighties / early nineties type of country music. Frankz goes into a slower, more sorrowful sound for the disc’s second (and title) track. The narrative style of Frankz is easily the equivalent to a Kenny Rogers, and the narrative present during this track has parallels to Rogers’ biggest hit, “The Gambler”. In much the same way as “Just Being Me”, there is a linking of older and newer styles, ensuring that listeners from a number of different genres and styles will find something that they can appreciate in Frankz’s music.

“More Each Day” varies Frankz’s style up with the inclusion of a funky, seventies type of sound – while there are hints of country that are still present during “More Each Day”, the track could easily be Frankz’s crossover hit. The track will appeal to musicophiles through the inclusion of guitars that will make individuals believe that Glenn Frey is actually playing on the track. “Just Spending Time (With You)” goes back to the approach first broached during “The Traveler”. However, the heart-wrenching emotions present during “Just Spending Time” will firmly cement this track in the pantheon of sad country tracks. Frankz succeeds with “Just Spending Time” in creating happiness that is paired with the sadness on the track, showing the duality of life.

The intricate, Eagles-like guitars come back during “Way Back Home (To You)”. Stepping up to the challenge put forth with the guitars, Frankz’s vocal delivery uses uncommon pacing and different time signatures to really make the track into something that is memorable. Where “More Each Day” would likely be Frankz’s crossover hit, I could see “Way Back Home (To You)” being the track that firmly installs itself at the top of the country chart. Unlike a number of artists and bands, who are apt to just let the quality of the disc decline as the album spins on, later efforts by Frankz are just as strong as those opening salvos. This means that the walking bass line of “One Step Forward”, coupled with the higher register presented by the stringed instrument, makes for yet another single-worthy track for Frankz. If individuals like their country music to challenge the assumptions that individuals have regarding the genre, I would strongly exhort them to pick up a copy of “The Traveler”.

Top Tracks: Still Loving Me, One Step Forward

Rating: 7.7/10

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