Between The Trees – The Story and The Song (CD)

Between The Trees has been around since 2005, and despite their relatively new founding, each of the tracks during “The Story and The Song” showcase a maturity that few acts are able to bring forth to their music. The act smartly links together the electronic-pop of acts like The Red Hot Valentines with current emo acts like Coheed and Cambria and A Static Lullaby. “The Forward” is the first track on the album, and the great thing about the band during this track has to be the fact that listeners can follow a number of different paths, be it the synths, drums, or catchy vocals, and be carried away on a musically profience and intense type of composition.

The band approaches “White Lines & Red Lights” with a slower style, but this is done magnificently. There are hints of Ben Folds, alt-country, and even a little bit of Billy Joel in the wings. Where the vocals were solid enough during “The Forward”, they really take a stab for the bigtime – a Chris Martin-type of level – with “White Lines & Red Lights”. Despite the fact that each of the tracks on “The Story and The Song” could conceivably be placed on rotation on pop radio, Between The Trees imbue each of the tracks on the album with an intricacy that will bring musicophiles in by the boatful. “The Way She Feels” is a middle ground that the band takes between “The Forward” and “White Lines” which will draw comparisons to acts like Anberlin.

The hopeful sound that is present during “The Way She Feels” hides an indetermine amount of sorrow, making for a track that practically anyone can identify with. However, the best track on “The Story and The Song” may just be “Words”, a driven track that will elicit comparisons to acts like Yellowcard and The All-American Rejects. The breakdowns that lead into the chorus provide the perfect highlighting to the intense instrumentation that will follow. The disc may be two years old at this point, but Between The Trees comes forth with an earnest sound and timelessness to each of the songs on “The Story and The Song”. If you like emotive or pop rock, make it a point to pick up “The Story and The Song”; you will find quite a few tracks on there that you will dig.

Top Tracks: A Time For Yohe, Words

Rating: 7.0/10

Between The Trees – The Story and The Song / 2006 Bonded / 11 Tracks / /

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