Bleach Volume 10: The Entry

Bleach Volume 10: The Entry / 2008 Viz / 100 Minutes / / /

Despite the fact that Hell Girl was the first anime that was reviewed for NeuFutur Magazine, it was actually Viz Media that we came in contact with, and Bleach Volume 10 is the result of these discussions. This collection features five episodes, covering the story arc from episodes 37 to 41. This volume finishes off the “Soul Society: The Sneak Entry” arc, and a number of sub-stories ultimately come together to create a dramatic ending to the arc. This means that one of the most tense moments happens here, where Ichigo confronts Zaraki for Squad 11 to free Rukia from the White Tower.

Ichigo’s skill set increases through the episodes as the spirit of eir sword takes a mind of its own and urges Ichigo on to greater and greater power. Add this to the fact that the episodes gradually assume a more intense focus as they hurtle to the end of the season and individuals will be at the edge of their seat until the final episode closes up. However, the finish up of episode 41 is not conclusive: the major battle between Ichigo and Byakuya looks to end in Ichigo’s untimely death, but Yoruichi’s intervention saves Ichigo. No character dies, and the dangers that were present at the beginning of this volume still seem to be present, along with some new issues and problems that will undoubtedly rise to prominence in the episodes to come. The episodes here are uncut (they have not been cut for commercials or for violence or other action), and this edition has English subtitles (rather than being dubbed). If you are looking to get this for a Bleach fan, make sure to pad the package with earlier volumes of the anime and volumes of the manga.

There are a few bonus features here, meaning that there are stickers featuring still art along with production art features on the disc itself. Viz has a Herculean task ahead of them; they are currently at episode 41 with these volumes (remember, this is volume 10), and they still have 133 episodes still to place onto DVD (as of June 11, 2008). However, the quality of this presentation is at such a high level that Viz could easily release the next 26 or so volumes, gaining a number of adherents with each subsequent release. If you are a fan of anime at all, make it a point to buy this release.

Rating: 8.0/10

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