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“Ain’t That Life” is the first track on “What U See” by Brandie Frampton, and one can immediately hear a modern, compelling brand of country music present in the track. “I Want You 2” shows the fury and intensity of Frampton’s vocals. In much the same way as a Carrie Underwood, the sizzling fury of a woman scorned is shown clearly through the entirety of “I Want You 2”. The title track to “What U See” blends equal parts country with rock to make a track that would easily crossover to the pop charts.

However, the instrumentation on “What U See” is challenging in a way that few pop or country artists create: individuals that want something more than just good looks and a pretty voice will find what they are looking for on Frampton’s “What U See”. The slower tempo of “Colours” is perhaps the most important track on “What U See”, due to the fact that it is so different and distinct from the rest of the tracks on “What U See”. The song shows individuals that Frampton can grow and change, and the emotional intensity of the track speaks to anyone that has felt sorrow in their lives. “Dreams” provides the perfect bridge between the faster and slower styles present on “What U See”, giving individuals a further sense that what Frampton is doing is not just providing fans with a few solid tracks, but a narrative that extends through the entirety of “What U See”.

This narrative shows the variety of life, and does it in a way that allows Frampton to speak to fans on an album or a track level. The interesting thing is that both Frampton and Taylor Swift reached prominence at the same time, and that Frampton’s efforts on “What U See” ensure Frampton with a brighter future than Swift. If you are in Utah, make it a point to see Frampton – she will be playing in Spanish Fork, Lehi, and Park City through June, July, and August. If you don’t live in Utah or can’t make it there, just wait a few more months; I believe that Frampton will continue to gain fans until she is the next big thing in the country charts. Make it a point to go and pick up a copy of “What U See” and call up local radio stations until that point when they put Frampton on rotation.

Top Tracks: My Life, What U See

Rating: 7.6/10

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