Da Vinci’s Inquest Season 3 (DVD Set)

Acorn Media is getting into the meat of Da Vinci’s Inquest. The show was originally aired on CBC from 1998 to 2005 for a total of seven seasons. Individuals that have been around the Vancouver area would be familiar of the plot content of a number of these episodes, as they loosely covered the life and times of former mayor (and formerly chief coroner) Larry Campbell. For individuals that may not already be familiar with the show, I feel that the overall tone and complexity of Da Vinci’s Inquest is most stylistically similar to shows like NYPD Blue. Saying that, the show is open enough that it allows viewers to come in easily to the third season of the show, without having to educate themselves too heavily on what had already happened in the previous seasons of the show.

Individuals can understand what is happening to Da Vinci, despite the fact that few viewers will have anything to do with the coronary arts. Da Vinci is bedeviled at every twist by a newly-installed boss that would rather decrease Da Vinci’s ability to solve crimes rather than allow eir to get to the bottom of cases, while there is continual tension over the fact that, despite being on the fact track for a promotion, the ultimate decision is to let Da Vinci stay at the same position. The features on this DVD box set include a number of additions that will further establish the context and the back story for practically anyone that has a major role on Da Vinci’s Inquest.

This means that there are a number of behind the scenes clips along with an extensive and exhaustive biography and filmography of Chris Haddock (creator) and the stars of the show. There are four more sets of episodes for Acorn to release, coupled with another season of a spin-off show, Da Vinci’s City Hall. Couple that with a TV movie – The Quality of Life – and Acorn will have their hands full regarding this show for years to come. If you like your mysteries twisted, convoluted, and ultimately fulfilling when all the facts come into play, make it a point to pick up the first three season box sets of Da Vinci’s Inquest and keep an ear to the ground about future releases from Acorn Media.

Rating: 8.2/10

Da Vinci’s Inquest Season 3 / 2008 Acorn Media / 585 Minutes / http://www.acornmedia.com /

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