Drillbit Taylor: Extended Survival Edition (Blu-Ray)

Drillbit Taylor focuses on the interaction that three high school kids have with Owen Wilson’s character, a paid type of soldier that looks to make them into real men capable of defending themselves and getting the respect that they deserve. Along the way, there are a number of times where the trio of high schoolers start to wreak revenge on their tormenters, really giving Drillbit Taylor a feel as if it truly was a comedy from the eighties. The dichotomy of jock/dork is played out well here, and in a different era, the plot of Drillbit Taylor could have made for a solid sequel to the “Revenge of the Nerds” movies. The number of bonus features that are present during this version of Drillbit Taylor are simply amazing.

This means that there is the typical type of commentary, but they go a little bit beyond that and let the writers themselves – Seth Rogen and Kristofor Brown – give their own opinions and feelings about the film. Beyond that, the other bonus features that were previously present – such as the gag reel and the deleted/additional scenes (which top out at 19) – will give individuals a more complete appreciation for the film. However, there are some special features that are exclusive to the “Extended Survival Edition” that will have individuals rolling on the floor. For example, the “Rap Off” shows the skills of each of the actors and shows how much work went into the creation of the scene. Furthermore, the “The Real Don: Donny McBride” featurette provides viewers with a little insight into the actor’s life and expounds upon the role that ey played in Drillbit Taylor.

If you have not had the chance to pick up Drillbit Taylor yet, make it a point to buy the “Extended Survival Edition”. In much the same way, if you are considering buying Drillbit Taylor on DVD, but may be looking to fill up your Blu-Ray collection, make it a point to go forth and search out the Blu-Ray version of the “Extended Survival Edition”. The quality of the film just seems to pop so much more from the DVD to the Blu-Ray version: items that were previously in the background are front and center in the Blu-Ray version. While the quality of the audio footage has not dramatically increased (being a 5.1 audio version), the video quality is as clear as day and is sure to please videophiles.

Rating: 8.0/10

Drillbit Taylor: Extended Survival Edition (Blu-Ray) / 2008 Paramount / http://www.paramount.com/homeentertainment /

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