Early Edition – The First Season (DVD Set)

I know that there were a lot of fans of Early Edition, but I had no idea that there were 4 seasons and 90 episodes made of the show. This DVD set features 23 episodes that comprise the entirety of the first season of the show, educating viewers about Gary Hobson’s (played by Kyle Chandler) life. The premise of the show is that Hobson is a stockbroker that begins to receive news a day ahead of when the events are actually supposed to happen. Two of Hobson’s friends act as an angel and devil on eir shoulder, with Chuck (Fisher Stevens) trying to push Gary to scam individuals through future knowledge, while Marissa (Shanesia Davis) feels that Gary should take steps forward to helping people out through this advance knowledge.

There is not too much in the way of additional features present during this boxed set, but one has to realize that the footage here of each of the episodes evens out to a shade under three-fourths of a day, if individuals would watch the episodes straight through. Saying that, however, there are present promos for each subsequent episode that will give viewers a little more information about what is going to come in the life of Gary. The episodes blend humor even as the dramatic side of the show is built up; while “Gun” shows that Gary may be injured when ey tries to defuse an abusive husband, “Christmas” has Gary escaping jail with a Santa Claus. Individuals that were cognizant and paying attention to the fate of Early Edition back when it was canceled will likely remember that there were a number of individuals that tried to get the show back on the air.

I believe that the same fan base is still active, and will ensure that Paramount / CBS DVD will go through their vaults to commit each of the 90 episodes of Early Edition to DVD. Here’s to hoping that they do that in a quick and timely matter, and close the door on what was a criminally underrated show in the late nineties. If you wish to show people why exactly Early Edition was such an amazing show, all that needs to be shown is the two-part story “The Wall”, where Secret Service agents and The Paper come together to strike out against Gary. Simply amazing television, and hopefully he release of that DVD will turn viewers onto the show.

Rating: 8.5/10

Early Edition – The First Season / 2008 Columbia TriStar / 1031 Minutes / http://www.paramount.com/homeentertainment /

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