Mad Men – Season One (DVD Set)

Matthew Weiner (who may be known most for eir work on The Sopranos) is the creator of Mad Men, an AMC-ran show that is set in 1960’s New York, and features the tensions, dizzying heights and perilous lows associated with the advertising scene in that period. The DVD box set (also available in Blu-Ray) showcases the first season of the show, capturing all 13 episodes of the first season. The setting odf the show itself is brilliant because it so accurately captures the spirit of the times. Trying to pick up and make accounts work through cigarettes and booze, the 50s ideal of a suburban house and a white picket fence had already been corrupted and viewers can just see the seeds of the “me” generation start to come through in each episode.

Each character is unique, having some twist to their story that will keep viewers watching for the entirety of this ten-hour set. This means that Salvatore Romano, the firm’s art director and seemingly pinnacle of masculinity, is in reality gay. Don Draper, the junior partner at Sterling Cooper, has to go and hide eir past – being born of a prostitute – from all other members of the firm. Viewers that have already seen all 13 of the episodes will be pleased to know that the special features section is robust, and features a number of things – such as commentaries for all the episodes –that will get viewers coming back for more. Another one of these additions has to be “The Desire of the American Dream”, which shows how the 1960s really held a sea change in how advertising and media were presented to the American public. For fans of the music that was used during the show, the Mad Men Music Sampler and “Scoring Mad Men” give viewers a look into how music was created and used to further bolster moods and bring viewers into a certain way of thinking.

Make sure to pick this DVD set up if you would like to catch up on the show, if you’d like to get a better appreciate for the time period, or just want to watch all 13 episodes again. Lionsgate has released this box set early enough that viewers will be able to dissect and digest everything that has been placed on this set; if you liked the show or want to get viewers into the show, make it a point to buy this DVD.

Rating: 8.7/10

Mad Men – Season One / 2008 Lionsgate / 616 Minutes / /

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