The Closer – The Complete Third Season (DVD Set)

While there are a number of police drama shows that are on the air in the United States at this current moment, I feel that there just is not a better one to be found than The Closer. The amount of viewersd on any given week further gives that claim credence: the episodes from this season were the highest rated of any other ad-supported, fictional show of all time. Kyra Sedgwick stars here as Brenda Leigh Johnson, a Deputy Chief that is in charge of the Priority Homicide Division. While there are not many added features to “The Complete Third Season”, the things that are present drastically raise the replay value of the box set. The third season has some of the most memorable episodes ever aired during The Closer’s three seasons: “’Til Death Do Us Part” (a two-part story) has Johnson attempt to bring together the finances of eir and Fritz, struggling to keep things on track when Fritz breaks a big secret, while Johnson’s job throws one of the hardest cases that ey has ever had to deal with.

That two-part story is followed up with “Next of Kin”, which has Johnson go back to eir parents house to ensure that a guilty individual is brought back to justice. For me, The Closer goes beyond all other police dramas in the sense that it honestly feels that Johnson is a real person; the important role that family plays throughout the season will allow anyone that may be viewing in the opportunity to compare Johnson’s life with their own, where (despite their best intentions), family members often get in the way of success at the work place. Something like the “Police Files” featurette, which gives viewers a number of unaired clips, will further explain the intentions and stories present during the episodes of the third season.

Furthermore, “The Art of Interrogation” moves from the fictional to the real in showing how exactly professional trained police and detectives use differing interrogation tactics to ensure that the testimony that they receive from individuals is completely on the level. Individuals that wish to keep up with The Closer would do well to watch the ongoing Season 4 every Monday at 9PM on TNT., beginning on July 14th. Make sure to pick up the first three season’s box sets, and be caught up when the fourth season starts to heat up.

Rating: 7.8/10

The Closer – The Complete Third Season / 2008 Warner Brothers / 685 Minutes / /

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