The Cure – Freakshow (Mix 13)

The Cure are getting a ton of buzz for the two singles that they have released off of their latest, as of yet untitled, double-disc. “The Only One” was the first track, and “Freakshow” is the second. The Cure have come out with a very different sound than they have in the last few years, tying together the punk style that they first started off with in the late seventies with an angular and electronic sound that links them to the current period. The catchy chorus of “Freakshow” brings the band back to their “Wish” days, making this a track that should appeal to anyone that calls themselves a fan of the cure. Of particular note during this track has to be the solo, which witches off with the percussion, giving the song a very slinky and almost Dresden Dolls type of eclectism. With how different, how new, “Freakshow” sounds compared to the rest of the post-“Bloodflowers” period, I believe that the band may come up with a release that may even surpass “Disintegration” as the best Cure disc. Keep your ear to the ground about news regarding this new album, and hopefully the act will slip back into the United States mainstream for the first time in over 15 years.
Rating: 8.2/10

The Cure – Freakshow (Mix 13) / 2008 Geffen / 1 Track / / /

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