The List (DVD)

The List has a number of stars from a number of levels of notoriety; Chuck Carrington (JAG), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek: Generations), and Hilarie Burton (One Tree Hill) all lend their talents to this adaptation of a similarly titled book by Robert Whitlow (Deeper Water, The Sacrifice). The film centers around Renny Jacobson (played by Carrington) who is returning back to eir family’s house for eir father’s funeral. Soon after, there is a discussion of the father’s will, to which Renny’s interests are piqued. This is due to the fact that “The Covenant List of South Carolina” is mentioned, and Renny’s is brought into fulfilling a requirement lest Renny lose everything and everyone that ey has ever loved.

What originally was an individual that was trying to find out about an obscure group mentioned in eir father’s will turns into a thriller, capped off by the evil Desmond Larochette, who has perverted the gals of the secret society into a blind grab for power. If Renny can go and depose Desmond and not lose eir life in the process, then the birthright given eir by eir father will be fulfilled. Whether that happens, though, is something that individuals have to find out through watching the film, which was released on DVD by Fox Faith on June 10th, 2008. Along with the feature, individuals will get a number of bonus features that provide more in the way of information about the movie and what Whitlow was discussing both in the book and the film adaptation. “The Power of Prayer” is a discussion of how important prayer is in today’s society, and has Whitlow and certain cast members present to link what is being said to the larger context of the film.

Furthermore, a Bible Study Discussion Guide gives individuals more in the way of information of what was previously discussed in the featurette. Finally, the deleted scenes that are present on the DCVD version of The List gives viewers that much more in the way of information about what is exactly happening during the movie. The success and quality of this film makes it likely that other Whitlow books will be converted into movies. Here’s to hoping that something like Deeper Water makes it to the silver screen sooner than later. Individuals should show their support for the film by going forth and picking up a DVD copy of The List.

Rating: 7.2/10

The List (DVD) / 2008 Fox / 108 Minutes / /

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