The Lodge (DVD)

I love the fact that there seems to be more horror movies on the market than there ever have, and I especially love the fact that Monarch Home Video sent The Lodge as their first film to be reviewed. The Lodge was brought forth by the Brothers Shamus, who have made their splash into the directing pool with this film. The general premise of The Lodge is that a couple – Mike (Owen Szabo, of Slaughterhouse Phi and Blood Legend) and Julia (Elizabeth Kell, from 2007’s “Kiss The Bride) – rent out a lodge for a weekend. They meet the lodge’s caretaker (Kevin McClatchy, Evan Tucker from the 2005 season of “General Hospital”), and begin to settle in.

Things get a little weird as bits and pieces of information come forth that start to show what had previously happened to the rest of the individuals that had rented out the lodge. Throw in the presence of Desi – a teenage girl – and viewers will be wondering how exactly all the constituent elements come into play and what depraved story will ultimately come out as the reason for the violent actions that are taken. Despite the fact that the premise is something that has been done before in the horror genre, the Brother Shamus tell a hell of a story, giving viewers twists and turns until the film comes to an end. The plot of the film is further fleshed out through the inclusion of a number of other bonus features, which give viewers scenes that were previously on the cutting room floor along with the original storyboards with which the film was originally created.

The behind the scenes featurette provide some insight for the motivation and the views held by each of the actors and individuals associated with the movie, and the commentary will answer any questions that a viewer may have about the firm. Here’s to hoping that the Brothers Shamus have a long and storied career riding on the success of The Lodge, and that Monarch Home Video can continue to work with them, no matter what genre or style their next film may take. The beautiful scenery is something that should be viewed as a diametrically opposing force to the dark and depraved forces that occupy The Lodge, a construct that will further enhance one’s enjoyment of the film.

Rating: 8.0/10

The Lodge (DVD) / 2008 Monarch Home Video / 83 Minutes / /

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