Alone In The Dark: Music From The Video Game (CD)

While we have had a number of opportunities to have a shot at reviewing the soundtrack or score from a movie, I believe that this is the first time that wehere at NeuFutur have been tapped to go forth and do a review about the soundtrack/score from a video game. Oliver Deriviere (composing) and Dora Hristova (conducting) have created the score to this Atari game, a re-vamp of the classic Alone In The Dark franchise. Deriviere is still a relative unknown at this time, previously being tapped for the two ObsCure games that were released in 2005 and 2007, respectively. To make the Alone In The Dark score something special, Deriviere has enlisted the vocal skills of the Choir of Bulgarian Voices.
What results with this soundtrack is a blend of darkness (the musical arrangements themselves) and light (the vocals). However, what is particularly compelling about this score is the fact that the vocals are drawn down into the darkness, the pristine brightness that they once may have had sullied by the evil and darkness that is in game. The progression of the score from “Prelude To An End” to “Crying New York” and “An End For A Prelude” shows that Deriviere is very familiar with the game, following the plot perfectly. Rather than touching about general themes and matters dealt with in Alone In The Dark, the close relation between the score and the game itself feels as if Deriviere sat in a dark room and played through Alone In The Dark to properly draw influence.
Saying that, the quality of Deriviere’s compositions here are even stronger than the game that they are linked to, and the compositions themselves do not need to be seen in the Alone In The Dark light to properly enjoy them. In fact, the score from “Alone To The Dark” is sufficiently intricate and detailed that individuals could easy pick up the CD and understand exactly where Deriviere wishes to take them over the course of the 21 songs on the album. The brisk sales of Alone In The Dark will introduce Deriviere to a larger subset of individuals, and by putting together such an excellent store, Deriviere’s dance card will undoubtedly fill up in the days, weeks, and months to come. If you want a dark set of arrangements that expands the definition of what “dark” can conceivably entail, make it a point to pick up the Alone In The Dark score by Deriviere.
Top Tracks: Niamam, Killing The Fissure
Rating: 8.3/10
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