Ex-Cypress Hill Rapper To Release “Diary of A Mad Dog” 9/30

Sen Dog (aka Senen Reyes), the notorious co-frontman of hip-hop legends Cypress Hill, has released his hot new track “Capo” from his forthcoming solo album Diary of a Mad Dog online at www.myspace.com/sendog The album will hit the streets on September 30, 2008 through Suburban Noize Records and marks the first solo album from one of hip-hop’s most influential artists.

Sen Dog’s bark is louder than ever on his debut. Taking matters of money, faith and family to the music, Sen Dog sets out to unleash personal dramas in a no-holds-barred symposium of introspection and a narrative insight into his life.  Diary of A Mad Dog is a cathartic release for the rabid emcee, but totally accessible to a ravenous audience eager for a solid Sen Dog assault.  A few of the Cali pals found on Diary of a Mad Dog include Tangled Thoughts, DJ Ace, and even his Cypress Hill partner B-Real joins in on the attack.

“I’ve done the whole dark, morbid thing and the whole rock n’ roll crossover thing. I’m not going to have an agenda on this; I’m going to jam and record whatever is fun to me,” says Sen Dog about his first ever solo offering. “With Cypress Hill I’m working with B-Real and DJ Muggs, but with my solo material it’s a bit more of a challenge and more rewarding for me as a songwriter when I come up with tracks and they sound banging” he adds.

Sen Dog has been a pioneer in the world of hip-hop, as one of the he and his Cypress Hill brethren were the first Latino hip-hop superstars and instrumental in helping to break down the door for Latin hip-hop. Sen Dog enjoyed #1 albums on the Billboard Charts (Black Sunday), Top 10 singles (“How Could I Just Kill a Man”, “Insane In The Brain” and “Rock Superstar”) and countless platinum and gold plaques with over 17 million albums sold worldwide. After nearly two decades in the game, Sen Dog has consistently been an innovator in the hip-hop world. From breaking down the door for Latin hip-hop to helping shape the whole West Coast urban/hip hop sound.

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