Interview with Another Option

Last week I got the chance to ask a few questions to the up and coming band Another Option. They are a New England based Indie/Rock band who is currently on tour with TGL and Brookside.

Danica Grannon : So I’ve heard you put out a new album recently?

Another Option: Yeah, it was released last Friday (July 18), and we’ve been on tour since.

DG: Anything new or different about the album?

AO: Yes, the album is totally different. We a had both a new drummer and guitar player, and this album has more of a pop feel to it. We actually recorded the album twice. We were very unhappy with it the first time, but after the second recording we had really found a sound we liked.

DG: I also heard you recently have been signed, if I’m not mistaken?

AO: Yes, we were actually just signed to All About Records. We had issues with getting signed, but when Russ heard the album he liked it and has promoted us since.

DG: So your currently on tour. Who are you most excited to play with?

AO: hmmmm….Probably TGL. We are huge fans of TGL. We also are excited to play with Brookside, I remember growing up listening to Brookside.

DG: So what are doing in your free time? You know between shows and stuff?

AO: Well we play alot of soccer, stay with friends in the area, hang out with Brookside. We really enjoy going to different restaurants while on tour. We also go to malls and push our cd, even though it’s illegal. (laughter).

DG: So what bands have you been listening to while on tour?

AO: John Mayer , As City Burns, New Found Glory, and tons more.

DG: What are you doing after the tour?

AO: Well we’ll be home preparing to go back on tour.

DG: And when does that start?

AO: September 26 until early October. We typically do shorter tours, just so we can pay more attention to the details. Also so we don’t have to cancel or delay a lot of shows, like other bands sometimes do.

DG: What has been your biggest challenge?

AO: Transportation for the most part, we actually got hit by a Mac truck in New Jersey, it completely totaled the van.

DG: What would you say are your biggest influences?

AO: Probably bands like Green Day, Blink 182, and The Offspring.

DG: Anything to add?

AO: Gas prices, they hurt the band. The scene is not as big as it used to, the kids need to come out and support the band. It’s not easy buying transportation, gas, and equipment. We would like to see more people at shows giving the bands credit and respect they deserve.

Make sure to check out Another options Myspace at .

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