Lisa Coppola – Wisdom From The Pain (CD)

Lisa Coppola is a singer-songwriter that has flirted with fame for years, whether it be backing up Billy Joel on one of his Saturday Night Live performances or playing a number of NYC’s world-renowned clubs and venues (The Bitter End and Brownie’s, to name a few). “Wisdom From The Pain” benefits from the touch of John Waite (“Missing You”) and Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors), but it is Coppola’s own skill and ability that makes this EP such an experience. The EP begins with “When You Were Mine”, a song that deftly brings together contemporary pop music with a hint of country while keeping enough of a classic approach present to speak to the widest array of listeners possible.

While the slide guitar and drums may create a unique sound to “When You Were Mine”, they only bolster Coppola’s vocals here. The production of this track places it firmly in the realm of a Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow or a Carrie Underwood, and makes listeners eagerly anticipate the disc’s second track, “Temporary Heartache”. “Temporary Heartache” has more of a down and dirty, blues-rock influenced set of arrangements. Couple that with Coppola’s vocals, which showcase more of an Alannah Myles influence.
“Temporary Heartache” is a track that is truly timeless, with a sound that follows the path taken by a Huey Lewis and the News while still giving Coppola enough space to impress and wow listeners with the unique approach that she takes to the vocals on “Wisdom From The Pain”. “Your Love Is Like A Rodeo” shifts closer to a country sound, but like the other tracks on “Wisdom From The Pain”, exhibits a spirit to it that will not allow the track to be pigeonholed in the slightest.

The title track to “Wisdom From The Pain”, if in a perfect world, would be a track that tops radio rotation and Billboard charts. This is due to the fact that Coppola has listeners hanging on every word, drawing upon a tradition that has been followed by artists as diverse as Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, or Stevie Nicks. “Wisdom From The Pain” may only have five tracks, but I have a feeling that the CD will receive countless spins after listeners get a chance to listen to these honest and heartfelt tracks. Give “Wisdom From The Pain” a shot, see Coppola live, and make it a goal to buy Coppola’s LP whenever it may be released.

Top Track: Wisdom From The Pain

Rating: 7.9/10

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