My Blueberry Nights (DVD)

My Blueberry Nights is a film that is simply great. The basic storyline is as such. An individual that is fighting a broken heart – Elizabeth (played here by Norah Jones, who surprised me considering I thought that ey was purely a singer) – stops by a diner that represents where it all went wrong, where the boyfriend had brought another woman. The owner of the diner – Jeremy (Jude Law) tries to calm and soothe Elizabeth, but is rebuffed at practically any opportunity that ey gets. Elizabeth ultimately disappears from the New York area, moving around the country in order to find some form of love.

A series of events allow Elizabeth the opportunity to have a working car and enough funds to go practically anywhere in the United States that ey would like. The consistent contact and care shown by Jeremy has finally worn down Elizabeth’s defenses, and ey is far enough removed from the initial incident that ey can learn to love again. The two are re-united and viewers are left with a sense that the two will be together for a long period of time. The changes in sceneries that Wong Kar Wai uses are simply stunning, but it is the soundtrack that was picked for the movie that should turn the most heads. Blending elements of new (Cat Power, Norah Jones, and Amos Lee) with classic music (Otis Redding, Ry Cooder), Wai is able to create a sense of longing in the tracks that slowly shifts to one of love, providing that much more in the way of force to My Blueberry Nights.

The two special features that are present – a featurette about the creation of My Blueberry Nights and a question and answer session with the director, Wong Kar Wai, are valuable in the sense that they give viewers further data which they can interpret the film. The interview session with Wai is particularly useful in that instance, as it shows viewers how exactly the major creative force wanted the movie to ultimately turn out. My Blueberry Nights is a great type of romantic comedy, managing to keep viewers interested through the entirety of the film while working in a genre that is threadbare to say the least. Hopefully Wong Kar Wai will continue to create films of this caliber, both romantic types of comedies and not, in the years to come.

Rating: 8.0/10

My Blueberry Nights (DVD) / 2008 Genius / 95 Minutes / /

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