The Bridge and the Prophet – S/T (CD)

“Jamie” is one of the stand-out tracks on The Bridge and the Prophet’s self-titled release. The track builds off of a seventies pop approach (think Rob Stewart and Cat Stevens), with instrumentation that provides the support for John’s vocals to truly soar. “Heavenly Candle” is a track that will immediately gain the attention of listeners, owing much to the intricate guitar work that is present. The guitar work has a Latin flair and approaches the skill level of an Esteban. While the influences and overall sound of “Heavenly Candle” varies considerably from what “Jamie” originally put forth, The Bridge and the Prophet do a great job in creating cohesion between these tracks.

“Through The Eyes of a Child” is one of the later tracks on this CD, but listeners should make a point to focus in on it. This is due to the fact that there is a tremendously interesting interplay between the vocal and guitar elements of The Bridge and the Prophet, which ultimately are fused into something that links the seventies pop of “Jamie” with a soulful jazz influence. “Blame It On The Moon” is similarly impressive, owing much to the quick tempo that it enjoys. The twinkling piano work that is present during the instrumental interlude further highlights the vocals, which take on a Wayne Newton-type of sound during the track. “Blame It On The Moon” is a pinnacle among 12 other mountain tops: The Bridge and the Prophet have masterfully placed together these tracks in a sterling collection. “Blame It On The Moon” may just be the best track on this self-titled release, but “Who’s The Enemy” is a must-listen track.

The same driving tempo of “Blame It On The Moon” continues on “Who’s The Enemy”, while the vocals achieve a soulful timbre that give the track further harmony while putting forth sets of lyrics that will have all listeners singing along by the second or third listen. I may not have heard of The Bridge and the Prophet before getting a chance to review this release, but I will be definitely keeping my ear to the ground when it comes to their subsequent releases and tour dates. If you have the chance to hear The Bridge and the Prophet, listen and you will hear some of the most earnest and brilliant music of 2008.

Top Tracks: It’s The Journey, A Prisoner of No Crime

Rating: 7.8/10

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