The Streets of San Francisco – Season 2 Volume 1 (DVD Set)

For individuals like myself, who were born a good fifteen years after The Streets of San Francisco ended, the decision to begin to place the show’s episodes in boxed sets is a great one. First off, it shows viewers a different era of police drama, compared to serious (or silly) shows like NYPD Blue and Monk. Secondly, for those viewers that had the chance to view it when it was still on, these viewers have the chance to revisit fond memories. Finally, viewers will be treated to seeing a very young Michael Douglas begin to hone eir acting skill, playing the younger to Karl Malden’s older officer. This boxed set starts off with “A Wrongful Death”, an episode that immediately ratchets up the tension, as a robbery suspect that was shot by Steve Keller (Douglas) is said by the suspect’s parent to be unarmed.

This part of the season ends with “The Victims”, which pits Mike Stone (Malder) and Keller against a gang of escaped prisoners that are running rough-shod through the town, attacking (or outright killing) anyone that may attempt to provide resistance. The episodes were not all about murder or death, however: “The Stamp of Death” surrounds the duo’s attempt to bring to justice individuals that had previously counterfeited a stamp worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Despite the fact that the characters work off of common police archetypes – the cooler, older cop and the more hot-headed, younger cop – there is a realism present to the interplay between Malden and Douglas that makes the episodes that much more realistic. This realism is further fostered by the extreme use of areas in and around San Francisco: while the city itself has changed in the thirty-five years since this season originally aired, astute viewers may still be able to see different sights and landmarks that are still present in the city.

The releasing of boxed sets for The Streets of San Francisco is still at that place where individuals that want to purchase the show should do it now, rather than resting on their laurels. By my calculations, there are another 7 box sets to be made, and CBS / Paramount needs to see that there is enough of a fan base to merit the collection and creation of these episodes. The show itself is solid enough, being extremely compelling even considering the amount of time that has passed since the show went off the air. If you are into the police drama genre of television (or even of film), make it a point to pick up the Season 2 Volume 1 boxed set of The Streets of San Francisco.

Rating: 8.5/10

The Streets of San Francisco – Season 2 Volume 1 / 2008 CBS / 570 Minutes / /

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