Walker, Texas Ranger – The Fifth Season (DVD Set)

Many shows end their seasons at about twenty-two episodes. However, the sheer awesomeness that was Walker, Texas Ranger – and its co-star, the incomparable Chuck Norris, made sure that the fifth season fought, kicked, and brought closure to twenty-five. The season starts off with “The Fighting McLains”, an episode that pits Walker against renegade brothers of a D.E.A. agent that is killed by a drug cartel. The action continues hot and heavy through “Iceman”, an episode that has Walker attempt to find a crime lord that has purchased the services of the titular character, an explosives expert.

The fifth season shows that Walker has a soft side, as well. The two part “Lucas” arc has Walker search out the parents of an AIDS-stricken child. Since there were just so many episodes that preceded those present during the fifth season, it really feels as if the writers had to take that significant step forward and keep things interesting through the inclusion of a more expansive range of plot turns and twists. This means that viewers are brought back to the times of the Old West, as Walker tells a story about Hayes Cooper in “Last of a Breed”. “In God’s Hands” may just be the strongest episode of this season, as it provides a narrative that is jam-packed with intrigue, murder, and mystery – Walker has to show Trivette that the child that Trivette found shot was not injured by Trivette’s own hand, but rather by an individual that is attempting to frame Trivette due to being passed over during initiation.

Make sure to fill your Walker, Texas Ranger seasons with the previous four series’ box sets (along with the final season), and keep an ear open for the release dates for the next two seasons, as well as the film, Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial By Fire. The release date of the sixth season is particularly important, as this season ends off with “The Wedding”, a cliffhanger. In this episode, Alex is shot by an individual that ey put away earlier in eir career, and has to hold on to life. For individuals that missed the show when it was originally on, or when it was placed in syndication, the wait until the sixth season’s box set comes out will feel like forever. If you liked Walker, Texas Ranger when it was still being shown on television, pick this up. If you want to find the perfect mélange of action, drama, and even comedy, make sure to buy this box set as well.

Rating: 7.8/10

Walker, Texas Ranger – The Fifth Season / 2008 CBS / 1124 Minutes / http://www.paramount.com/homeentertainment /

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