Point One – Unlucky Stars (CD)

“Unlucky Stars” is the first track on the album, and it paints Point One as a newer type of rock act that blends together hints of Good Charlotte with the slightly harder sounds of a Korn, White Zombie, or Ministry. What results is something that is immediately ready for popular radio, and this same type of sound is present in droves during the disc’s second track, “Oxygen”. The band decides to go slightly slower with their sound for “Oxygen”, but there is enough in the way of commonality with the title track for the momentum to continue to build.

While the first two tracks on “Unlucky Stars” seem to be solid on their own, the band really reaches another plateau with the bombastic opening to “Monochrome Mistress”. This track is where the band changes up things considerably; there are hints of Tiger Army and the Nekromantix present in the band’s rock output. The band goes to the other pole with “Crime”. The more wind-swept arrangements of this track sound similar to mid-nineties Bon Jovi. There is something to be said about a band like Point One, as they are able to add a number of different styles to their repertoire without losing a thread that unites all of their tracks together. Individuals are able to invest more into “Unlucky Stars” than they would with a band that is just trying to sell the largest amount of copies by bouncing around different styles. Without knowing much about the band besides that they have two albums under their belt at this point, I would say that “Unlucky Stars” is a great effort.

This is due to the fact that the band does not allow themselves to fall into a rut or to go too far outside of a general sound on the album. “Best Part of Me” may just be the track that breaks Point One large; the band creates a Tool meets Three Days Grace sound that is what is popular in all of the music scenes throughout America. It may take the band an album or two to really become a household name, but the ability and the skill that is shown by Point One during “Unlucky Stars” is enough for me to consider that the band is worthy of future adoration. Give the disc a listen and make sure to take a mental note about where Point One is now, and check them out in a few years and see how that has changed.

Top Tracks: Oxygen, Crime

Rating: 6.8/10

Point One – Unlucky Stars / 2007 Adrenaline / 11 Tracks / http://www.point1music.com / http://www.adrenalinemusicgroup.com / Reviewed 15 June 2007

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