Abigail Williams – Legend (CD)

Abigail Williams start out their “Legend” EP with “From the Buried Heart”. During this opening track, there seems to be a blend of progressive metal with a brand of metal that looks back towards the eighties style of metal. However, instead of Abigail Williams merely attempting to revive a certain period in metal, their smartest move during this introductory track has to be the inclusion of a newer rock style. What results is a track that is something to anyone listening in; the diversity of styles present in this inaugural track will allow a wide subset of fans to dig the act. The eclecticism of the band during this track is not a completely positive trait, as one wonders what the band’s “true” sound is by the end of “From The Buried Heart”.

Still, barring this claim against the chameleon-like sound of the band, Abigail Williams starts out “Legend” in a very strong manner. The second track on this EP is “Like Carrion Birds”, and starts out with blistering drumming and lighter, Trans-Siberian Orchestra type of tinny, bell-sounding instrumentation. The band provides listeners with a much more cohesive sound during this track than was present during “From the Buried Heart”. By settling into a specific sound during this track, Abigail Williams are able to really provide listeners with an answer to the question that was in listeners’ heads during the first track: what is the true sound of Abigail Williams? The track, owing much to its more cohesive sound, seems to be much more ready for primetime (Headbanger’s Ball) than the opening track for much of the same reason. The shorter length of “Like Carrion Birds” is the other thing that feeds into the track being a bigger success than “From The Buried Heart”.

However, where both of these tracks unite is in the creation of a momentum that serves the band well as they enter into “The Conqueror Wyrm”. The band starts off “The Conqueror Wyrm” with a lighter, more dungeon-like metal sound. The tempo is not slower, and may be faster than “From the Buried Heart”. What results during this hump track is something that is new for individuals listening in; the band again has a more cohesive sound, but plays a different brand of metal than was present on the earlier cuts of “Legend”. Abigail Williams shines brighter than many of the other Candlelight acts at this moment. I know I will be looking forward to the full length soon.

Top Track: The Conqueror Wyrm

Rating: 6.8/10

Abigail Williams – Legend / 2007 Candlelight / 5 Tracks / http://www.abigailwilliams.net/ http://www.candlelightrecordsusa.com / Reviewed 10 June 2007

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