Cosmic American Derelicts – Songs for the Homestead (CD)

Chances are if you have been involved in the bar scene in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania over the last decade, you have seen the Cosmic American Derelicts play out. Their brand of rock-cum-country is something that can be appreciated by anyone, and with the opening track “Sleepwalking Killer”, Cosmic American Derelicts are poised to increase their fan base considerably. This track is a driving bit of country-infused rock that tells a story as well as hits individuals firmly over the head with some intense instrumental arrangements.

The band has high hopes to fulfill during the disc’s second track, “Same Old”, but are easily able to continue the momentum that they had banked during this opening salvo. “Same Old” benefits from a walking (bluegrass) style to the arrangements, with Ed’s vocals shining through the dense and intricate instrumental imagery that the rest of the Derelicts whip up. “Barbed Wire Bed” adds a little bit of fiddle to the mix, bringing a more audible bluegrass influence to the Derelict’s sound, something that follows forth from “Same Old” but provides the band with a wider array of tools to use for the next six tracks on “Songs for the Homestead”. While there are not outright overtures to the music style, fans of Irish-influenced music like The Bloody Irish Boys will find enough in the way of commonalities to really dig what the Derelicts put through on the album.

Despite being one of the slowest tracks on “Songs for the Homestead”, “Bedside” may be the one track that will capture the minds and hearts of listeners over all other: the narrative style of the vocals, coupled with the noodling style of the guitar, makes this into an instant classic. The Derelicts fill “Songs for the Homestead” up with solid tracks: whether it is an opening track like the aforementioned “Sleepwalking Killer” or a later one, such as “Last Words” or “Rocktopus”, the band puts their all in creating the best possible tracks. Make it a point to pick up “Songs for the Homestead” and check out the band’s web site for a listing of the band’s upcoming live shows. While the studio version of these tracks is amazing in its own right, what I’ve heard on this album makes me think that the live experience put forth by the Derelicts is something that should not be missed.

Top Tracks: Dollar Bill Blues, I Only Steal Things When I’m Drunk

Rating: 8.3/10

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