Forever In Motion – The Beautiful Unknown (CD)

Forever in Motion is a band that I was not familiar with before putting on “The Beautiful Unknown”. The first track, “Magic”, seems to add together equal parts radio rock and emo music. A piano blends together with a set of vocals that itself seems to be influenced by those coming out of bands like Hinder and Linkin Park. The band slowly adds bits and pieces to their overall sound during “Magic”, in what has to be one of the most natural progressions ever heard on an album. I keep waiting for the band to go flipmode and just start rocking all-out, but that is not the case for this introductory track. The same emotional style comes out during “Hot Air Balloon”.

This track resembles a meshing between Finger Eleven and Bright Eyes, with the acoustic sound of the guitar providing listeners with a much more organic feel. While the slower style is something that acts fall back upon as a change of pace from the faster styles of the rest of an album, Forever In Motion uses this slower, more emotive style as the focal point of the disc. The tender stylings of “Goodnight” shows an evolution of the sound that far outstrips any of the rest of the disc; the deeper vocals present during the track are to die for. The acoustic style is not completely similar through the entirety of this disc, though. Songs like “The Clothes We Walk In” are much more layered than a “Magic”. “The Clothes We Walk In” take hints of the Beatles, Nine Inch Nails, and the current pop-rock sound to create a sound that is unmistakably Forever In Motion’s own.

The style of music that the band plays during “The Beautiful Unknown” is not anything I would normally listen to, but the full sound created by the band and the talent shown during the entirety of “The Beautiful Unknown” is more than enough reason for me to listen in to this album. It is my belief that Forever In Motion could break it big with a song like “The Clothes We Walk In”. It just takes the right marketing of the band, and the band could achieve a string of hits that an act like Third Eye Blind would even be jealous of. Pick this album up, see the band live, and get their next album whenever it might be released.

Top Tracks: The Clothes We Walk In, Avalanche

Rating: 7.1/10

Forever In Motion – The Beautiful Unknown / 2006 One Eleven / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 10 June 2007

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