Knugu – Quadrilogy (CD)

Knugu starts out “Quadrilogy” with a funky bit of pop music that ties together the instrumental efforts of Prince and Eagle Eye Cherry, while bringing forth vocals that touch on a pop tradition put forth by the Backstreet Boys, Vanessa Carlton, and even Christina Aguilera. The two sets of vocals that introduce listeners to Knugu during “Getting Over You” showcase a more varied approach than many pop stars are apt to take, and give listeners much more to chew on. “Dark Angels” is the second track on “Quadrilogy”, and it comes forth to listeners’ ears with a timeless sound. The slower, more thoughtful sound of the instrumentation during “Dark Angels” link together Pink Floyd (“Dark Side of the Moon”) and a Savage Garden meets Robbie Williams approach to the vocals.

“Ad in Personals” is a similar shift for Knugu, bringing a country influence to the fore. The same timid, quiet style of the vocals that was first heard during “Dark Angels” continues through “Ad in Personals”, rendering the overall effort much more cohesive. The tender approach taken during “Ad in Personals” leads into something much more emotionally intense, with the strained vocals showcasing the hurt that the lead singer feels. It is during “Ad in Personals” that listeners of any age can identify with Knugu; practically all listening in have been through a similar relationship in their life. Knugu speaks to the listeners not only through the impressive narrative that is present through all four of these tracks, but also due to the sheer amount of genres and styles that the act incorporates into their sound during this EP.

“Quadrilogy” ends with “Running Back To You”, a track that brings Knugu back to the days of the New Romantic movement. Hints of Depeche Mode, Spandau Ballet, and The Psychedelic Furs unite with Knugu’s ability to make something that simultaneously looks back at the early eighties while keep current listeners interesting in what the band will do on subsequent recordings. Aside from the sheer skill that is brought to “Quadrilogy”, the fact that all net profits from “Quadrilogy” will be donated to Iraq War-related charity groups should ensure that any fan of music in general should have a reason to pick up this stellar release. I know that I will have my ear to the ground for any follow-ups to “Quadrilogy”; I’m most interested in hearing how Knugu expands on the sounds first put forth on this album.

Top Track: Dark Angels

Rating: 7.4/10

Knugu – Quadrilogy / 2008 Self / 4 Tracks / /

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