Ane Brun – “The Treehouse Song”

If Janis Joplin and Regina Spektor were combined and made to sing over eerie folk tunes, we would have ourselves Ane Brun. Being that I love both aforementioned acts, I definitely appreciate “The Treehouse Song”. While the lyrics are young and fun at times, the minor chords bring a darkness to the table that leave a ton of room to think to. It is good to see that folk music has a place in the scene that has been built. She is bringing something special that is not too off kilter to fall for.

The guitar picking is genius, Brun’s vibrato is haunting and yet beautiful, and the ever so soft use of strings makes “The Treehouse Song” so worth at least one listen. Her vocal control is impressive, and her voice brings the emotion that instruments are generally relied on to do. I look forward to her release, and even more so to her US tour beginning October 22 of this year.

Jam Shawna

Rating: 8.1/10

Ane Brun – “The Treehouse Song” (from Changing of the Seasons) / 2008 Cheap Lullaby / /

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