Dead Heart Bloom – Oh Mercy (CD)

Dead Heart Bloom once again has rocked my fucking face off with their second EP of three to be released this year by KEI Records. Their first EP Fall In was an epic roller coaster ride of an EP giving us plenty of look into the talent and capabilities of Dead Heart Bloom.

Oh Mercy while sill showcasing their excellent skills as musicians is just a straight killer and is something you could dance or mosh too what ever your preference. Love Like Lies the first track is not what I expected more of a shoegazer pushed to a crazy level that few would dare try. The real showcase on the album I’m Going To Go Meet Jesus is a genre stretching track that kids in Judas Priests shirts to those of you out there sporting sweaters and bad haircuts can enjoy.

But the most shocking and in my opinion ridiculously awesome track is Hymn, the final track. What a fucking way to end an EP with such an over the top presentation I feel like I’m being chased by the Inquisition. Once again Dead Heart Bloom shows why they’re going to be the next big thing to hit the market and I’m eagerly awaiting their third EP.

I give it a 9.3/10

Dead Heart Bloom – Oh Mercy (available November 4, 2008)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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