Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (CD)

Come along on this fantastic voyage that Exceptional Edward has prepared for us with their 2008 album Lost at Sea. Exceptional Edwards offers up eleven well played songs for our listening pleasure. It’s soft to the ears for with a very laid back approach throughout.

It’s definitely an album I recommend for the next time you’re trying to mack on some indie-sweetheart and wanna make her(him) a mix-tape any of the eleven tracks will do. Some of my favorites were The Sea Captain a great story of well a sea captain and my new personal favorite song title of the moment At The Steak ‘n Shake another great ballad that you can’t help but hum and bop along too. Exceptional Edward is exceptional indeed and is worth checking out.

I give it a 6.9/10

Exceptional Edward – Lost at Sea (2008)

-Kristopher D. Shepard

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