Knox Bronson – Pop Down The Years

“Hey Little Girl” is the first track on Knox Bronson’s “Pop Down The Years”, and it immediately distinguishes Bronson as someone that boldly forges a new and unique form of music. The track ties together traditional rock music with an airy approach to electronic music, crafting something in “Hey Little Girl” that will immediately and positively impact listeners. “Old Man Cold Man” follows up “Hey Little Girl”, and presents a shift in musical style that allows Bronson to expand his repertoire over the course of the following seven tracks.

“Old Man Cold Man” links together a cold, industrial-influenced instrumentation with a haunting set of vocals that will undoubtedly stick with listeners long after the track wraps up. “3 Seconds Before Maia Smiled” links together a traditional, Eastern type of instrumentation with a much more modern type of sequencing: Bronson’s vocals on “3 Seconds” approach that of “China Girl”-era David Bowie. The chorus of “3 Seconds” will be familiar to fans of acts like 45 Grave, Sisters of Mercy, and Bauhaus. Bronson is able to create “3 Seconds” in such a way that, while influenced by the Romantic and gothic movements of the eighties, has still much to say to listeners today.

The disc does not lose steam as it rolls on; the vocal heavy “Celeste” continues to show listeners that Bronson’s palette is limitless. The track itself has a heavy fifties influence, with the acoustic guitar that lends the backdrop to the track playing upon Iggy Pop as much as it does current lo-fi and indie rock acts. Listeners should understand that, by the end of “Pop Down The Years”, that Knox Bronson is creating an album that is as eclectic as the average listener. There are firm roots in each of the disc’s nine cuts in a myriad of different decades, genres, styles, and approaches to music: it is through this rich buffet presented listeners that Bronson creates a stellar album. I know that I will be keeping my ear firmly to the ground when it comes to rumblings about Bronson’s next album or live dates, and it is my suggestion that you pick up “Pop Down The Years”.

Top Tracks: 3 Seconds Before Maia Smiled, The Quark and the Jaguar

Rating: 8.2/10

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