Meaghan Smith – The Cricket’s Quartet EP W/DVD (CD)

What happens when you take Jake White, that chick who sings that lovely little diddy about NOT writing you a love song and combine it with some crack you got from Amy Winehouse? Why Meaghan Smith of course! This four song shit pile of an EP even comes with a DVD! Who releases a DVD with their EP are you fucking Metallica?

No you’re not! You’re some processed cheese pop garbagio from the darkest depths of Warner Brothers vault of shitty artists. Get out of here with your Great Gatsby approach to music (by the way I love The Great Gatsby). There’s really nothing to say about this that’s positive you’re not even that good looking. I mean shit, at the end of the first song whats with that whistle?

I felt like I was listening to Bambi 10’s soundtrack or something. This EP is disgusting, over done and over all a pile of turtle shit, not horse shit it doesn’t even merit horse shit, it’s turtle shit. Destroy on site, call the Terminators something just make this crap stop. By the way the DVD was stupid also.


I give this a -10/10

-Kristopher D. Shepard (currently washing my brain.)

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