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The titular track starts off “Meridians”, and despite the fact that the piano is the key element to the track, the addition of atmospheric elements to the track is what makes the composition into something spectacular. Mih does not need anything in the way of vocals to tell a narrative, ensuring that listeners are taken for a journey throughout each of “Meridians” 9 tracks. The types of genres and styles that Mih approaches during this CD is impressive, moving from atmospheric to a Tori Amos meets Ani DiFranco type of approach within the space of two tracks.

The more complex arrangements that are presented to listeners during “Flow” further expands the range of “Meridians”; rather than have any idea where Mih will go in the tracks to follow, listeners have to wonder where exactly Mih will take them. It is this sense of whimsy and wonder that fuels “Meridians” with the energy that it needs to keep listeners focused in on this disc. “Saturn’s Rings” is a slower, more deliberate track than anything that had previously been heard on “Meridians”. It is this slow and deliberate style that sets the track as a diametric opposite to “Flow”. Despite the differences that the two tracks may have, there is a common thread that unites the two songs (and by extension, the entirety of tracks on “Meridians”: for the nine cuts here, there is a complexity that requires listeners to focus into “Meridians” and dissect the disc.

“Autumn” really acts as the uniting track between the poles of slow and deliberate and quick and intense: with this track, the two distinct styles previously heard during “Meridians” come forth and play, interacting with each other in a track that is perhaps the best on the disc. Mih may have debuted last year with her “Sacred Sound”, but the compositions that are commonplace on “Meridians” sound as if they were composed by someone that has been releasing albums for decades. There is a tremendous amount of possibility for Mih in the years to come, and I believe that she has shown listeners a brilliant glimpse of what is to come through the whole of “Meridians”. Make it a point to pick up “Meridians”, see Mih at any places that she may be performing, and get in on the ground floor.

Top Tracks: Sacred Sound, Circular Dreaming

Rating: 8.1/10

Val Mih – Meridians / 2008 Self / 9 Tracks / /

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  1. “Meridians” is now available for download on iTunes. Search for “Valerie Mih” in the iTunes Store to find it.

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