A Funny Little Cross To Bear is a 6 song gem with versions of tracks only experienced by those brethren partaking in the Jim White fellowship of song that his concerts become. Jim White is the unique voice in the immense Southern Gothic tradition.

This is a mini-album of “roadside rarities” recorded at some of the country’s best indie record stores, radio programs and concert halls. A Funny Little Cross To Bear contains songs like “Jim 3:16”, where he postulates that “a bar is just a church where they serve beer” and a live unreleased version of “Stranger Candy,” a beautiful song left off his much loved album Transnormal Skiperoo. See what the press is saying about A Funny Little Cross to Bear…

“This isnÂ’t Jim White the songwriter. ItÂ’s Jim White the performer, the storyteller, the quiet show stealer. It sounds like a great new piece to an already great discography…”

“Let’s get this out of the way: Jim White may well be one of the greatest troubadours Dixieland has produced since Otis Redding or Tom Petty, and that’s saying a lot. He’s also one of the few storyteller musicians who is alternately self-deprecating and intense. That’s the impression one receives when they hear the live version of A Funny Little Cross to Bear- a mini-compilation album that is as eclectic as it is dark. “

The Times UK gives it 4 out of 5 stars:
“An excellent memento of the manÂ’s dry, witty stage presence, containing as it does typical between-song banter; but, unusually for a live recording, A Funny Little Cross would also work well as an introduction to White for the uninitiated, containing as it does, in a mere six tracks, a useful showcase of his range.”

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