Famous Class is a team of artists and musicians based in Brooklyn, NY who have been collaborating on projects since 2003. Known both as an art collective and as an independent record label, Famous Class has slowly built up an impressive catalog of unique and handmade CDs, EPs, DVDs, comics, shirts and zines. Famous Class releases are distinctive and immediately recognizable; CDs, DVDs, and comics are frequently packaged together in a style and format that reflects the spirit of the clubs, galleries, and house parties from which they originated. Anthem magazine described Famous Class as, “a collective with one hand on Prince’s knee and another in Jack Kirby’s pocket.”

Famous Class artists share a classical pop sensibility which is sometimes expressed clearly and cleanly, and sometimes expressed obliquely or entirely obscured by the aesthetics of noisy, experimental, art-rock. Vice magazine wrote, “This is exactly what I always hoped all those Paper Rad/Load bands would sound like instead of just bad noise-jazz – casual little guitar melodies with broken-y keyboards and extended Cosby Show samples.” 2009 will see significant activity for Famous Class with the bands Snakes Say Hisss!, Darlings, Boogie Boarder, and Huxtables all slated to release full-length albums early in the year. This November the collective is sending two of their finest on the road to dominate the East Coast, the Dick Dale meets Lightning Bolt stylings of Boogie Boarder will join the ridiculously catchy synth-pop of Snakes Say Hisss! for what undoubtedly be one of the best shows you need to catch.

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Snakes Say Hisss! & Boogie Boarder
Famous Class Fall 2008 Tour Dates

15 Nov 2008 TBA Baltimore, MD
16 Nov 2008 Church House Washington DC
17 Nov 2008 Nara Sushi Richmond, VA
18 Nov 2008 Spider Skull Greenville, NC
20 Nov 2008 Modaddy’s Ashville, NC

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