State Shirt sculpts fiery, intense indie rock anthems for the wondering, wandering and hopeful on latest disc, This Is Old.


“Every song grows into something cohesive, and State Shirt skillfully mixes sound effects with steady beats. Layered guitars fill in sonic gaps, and lyrics combine existential thoughts with yearning nostalgia to create an entirely unique soundscape.” –Performing Songwriter


“… a very personal record but not so much that it’s impenetrable and is definitely worth seeking out for its internal diversity and melancholic elegance.” – Vanity Project


“…lush, homemade production seals the sound in. Commendable.” – Lost At Sea


State Shirt aka Ethan Tufts sculpts fiery, intense indie rock anthems for the wondering, wandering and hopeful. Venturing wildly into the farthest corners of heavy-hearted American landscapes, State Shirt’s music displays vivid, gripping stories of nostalgia, despair and hope.


From Southern California’s droning and faceless San Fernando Valley to the snowy back roads of Western Massachusetts and steeped in a cycle of inescapable, mind-numbing full-time jobs, State Shirt relies on hand-built loops, neglected instruments and riveting vocals to artfully describe captivity in a familiar never-ending cycle: work, drink, sleep, repeat.


But, through it all, a glimmer of hope shines.


From a modest bedroom sanctuary devoted to writing and recording, sparkles of surreal, melancholic melodies bubble up. Voltage runs through a collection of dusty pedals, guitars and electronics to deliver This Is Old, State Shirt’s deeply textured second album, a set of swirling and burning indie-tronic statements proving that monotonous lives can produce exceptional results. 


This Is Old Tracklisting:

Release Date: November 11th, 2008



01. This Is Old (MP3)

02. Time To Go

03. Fell Out of The Sky

04. Computer

05. Up Up Up Up Up

06. I Hate California

07. So Weird

08. Chemma Chi

09. Hospital Hill

10. Conway Station Road

State Shirt In The Press:


“At times beautifully romantic, and at others undoubtedly disturbing… covering a broad spectrum of emotions and styles in a completely DIY framework.” – The Sound Monitor


“State Shirt loves to mess around with strange sound effects, including beatboxing, scratching, and any number of silly vocal effects – surprisingly, these unique inclusions really work here, making for a remarkably cohesive and personal album.” –


“…a dreamlike trip through melodic tunes, quick beats and earnest vocals.” – Plug-In Music



“…Incredibly imaginative production choices, including nods to hip-hop, surprising vocal interplay, ingeniously employed electronics, and always-engaging instrumentation.” – 1340 Mag


“State Shirt is a one-man musical miracle worker from California…” – Whisperin’ And Hollerin’


“…the superb debut from the mysteriously-named State Shirt… Think The Bends-era Radiohead with the maverick touches of Beck thrown in for good measure.”  Leonard’s Lair


“The haunting monotone vocals flow freely over the huge sound of this record created by just one man…” – Impact Press


“…this impressive release no doubt will dominate CMJ in time. If not, they’re just a bunch of corporate whores who couldn’t tell good music from a hole in the ground.” – EDITORS PICK,


“…this is an album which, like much of the work of Beck, can change mood at the drop of a hat. State Shirt employs anything he can lay his hands on when it comes to making his music and we are greeted throughout the record by dogs barking, beat boxing, scratching and much more all utilized effectively and held together by lilting guitars.

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