We Landed on the Moon Tours With Snowden and Twin Tigers

We Landed on the Moon!: John, Melissa, Josh, Jon, and Spence, recorded their self-titled debut album in 2006. The band formed after Jay Chandreskhar (Super Troopers, Beefest), asked them for a song for the soundtrack for Dukes of Hazzard. Their latest record, These Little Wars; is an album filled with beautifully intimate female vocals, whirling synthesizers stacked on interlocking guitars, danceable rhythms and wonderfully layered songwriting. In the vein of Velocity Girl or the Lemonheads, These Little Wars is a fresh take on rock with a 90s influence. Check them out in your town this December!

Tour Dates

12.05.08 – Charlotte, NC – Evening Muse
12.06.08 – Wilmington, NC – Soap Box *
12.07.08 – Charleston, SC – Tin Roof
12.09.08 – Chapel Hill, NC – Reservoir
12.10.08 – Washington DC – The Red and the Black
12.11.08 – New York, NY – Kenny’s Castaways
12.12.08 – Burlington, VT – The Radio Bean
12.14.08 – Brooklyn, NY – Southpaw
12.16.08 – Toronto, Ontario – Lee’s Place
12.17.08 – Pittsburgh, PA – The Smiling Moose
* with Snowden and Twin Tigers

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