Daniel Park – These Illusions (CD)

“Anthropology” is the first hit to be had on Daniel Park’s “These Illusions”. Hints of David Archuleta present themselves immediately, along with individuals like Shawn Mullins, and Jack Johnston. The slightly gritty vocals of Park work perfect with the smooth arrangements that operate as a backdrop for the track. There is no reason that “Anthropology” should not be the next big track in the vein of Jars of Clay’s “Art in Me”, and this feeling is only furthered with the disc’s next hit, “DTR”. “DTR” has a lively beginning that touches on “Classical Gas” before Park’s distinctive vocals take the stage.

What is one of Park’s strongest sides would have to be the cohesion that is present during all of the tracks on “These Illusions”. This means that individuals could listen to “Missing You” or “Times Have Changed” and know exactly who is listening and what album these compositions have came from. The 11 tracks on this album form a snapsnot into Park’s life that should be enough in the way of fuel to make listeners want to pick up any subsequent releases by the man himself, and to search out any live dates that may be scheduled in late 2008 and 2009. If you like soulful rock that is bold and brilliant while holding on to the standard that have made the genre so great, you really do need to check out Daniel Park’s “These Illusions”. However, I would have to point listeners to the disc’s final track, “Beautiful”.

There is little variation in the lyrics at the beginning of the track, but this is an inspired move to ensure that listeners have the song tattooed deep in their heart. The instrumental side of things is muted for the track, but when the guitar and violin do come into focus, the track takes the next step, creeping ever closer to perfection. There is not a weak track to be had during “These Illusions”: Daniel Park has distilled what it is to be a singer songwriter in the late oughts, and in doing this, has created a blueprint that every individual with an acoustic guitar and a microphone should follow for the next decade.

Top Tracks: Missing You, Prelude

Rating: 8.5/10

Daniel Park – These Illusions / 2008 Self / 11 Tracks / http://www.danielparkmusic.com

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