Gentleman Auction House brings a long-lingering idea to fruition in their energetic tribute to the holiday season, “Christmas In Love”

“Get ready to play ‘The Book of Matches’ on repeat for the rest of the day. Or rather, resist that cause if you think this song is as totally bad ass as it can get, wait til they add bloody horns on ‘We Used To Dream About Bridges.’ …if [Alphabet Graveyard] isn’t the most jubilant record to tickle your ears all summer, I’m a goddamned monkey’s uncle.”

“…This record has quickly become one of my favorite releases of the year.”

“When the mirror ball lights are spinning across the neighborhood and people are dancing in the broken light as if they were in a club, though with less ecstatic faces, just surveying what they’ve gotten themselves into and what they want out of the charade, that’s when we’re there, right where the Gentleman Auction House wants us.”

“The audience was bouncing and dancing Ëœ probably more than Piano’s has ever seen Ëœ and their songs (including new material and a Soul Coughing cover) were so spectacular, the band left the crowd clamoring for more.”

Time Out New York:
“On Alphabet Graveyard, the young St. Louis band Gentleman Auction House salts it’s pop songs with colorful instrumental touches reminiscent of Mercury Rev.”

“Coupling male-female vocals with intense percussion and layers of chamber pop and folk, Gentleman Auction House has created a sound unlike any other band at the moment…”

Static Mulitmedia:
“Will make you feel like a kid at a birthday party.”

Crashin’ In:
“They have no tricks or frills to grab your attention, they simply just have good catchy indie pop songs that will stick in your head all day long….”

Muzzle of Bees:
“…this septet of young indie pop kids brought the noise hard, bringing their fun soundtrack of keys, horns, claps and cheery vocals without missing as much of a beat. I felt like I was let into some little unknown secret…”

Gentleman Auction House Continues on their seemingly ENDLESS tour. Yes. They are trying to be home for the holidays!


12/4 – Springfield, MO @ TBA w/ Sweetwater Abilene & TBA
12/5 – Tulsa, OK @ TBA w/ El Paso Hot Button
12/6 – Stillwater, OK @ Eskimo Joe’s w/Mayola & El Paso Hot Button
12/7 – Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA w/ El Paso Hot Button
12/8 – Dallas, TX @ Good Records – FREE In Store Performance
12/8 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w/ Cocky Americans
12/9 – Austin, TX @ Lambert’s w/ The Lemurs, The Ovenbirds
12/10 – Houston, TX @ Rudyard’s w/ Motion Turns It On, Spain Colored Orange
12/11 – TBA – Help!
12/12 – TBA – Help!
12/13 – TBA – Help!
12/19 – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway w/ The Hibernauts, Target Market, Cold Bear Scout

More about Christmas In Love & Gentleman Auction House

GAH is a band that very publicly proclaims their love for the Christmas holiday and has always added a little Yuletide cheer into everything they do. Take “Alphabet Graveyard”‘s “24th” or the longtime live-only songs “Home For The Holidays” and “Christmas Not As It Is But As It Will Be” (both of which are represented on “Christmas In Love”, the latter serving as the EP’s title track). With Christmas, and the holiday season itself, being a reoccurring thread in songwriter Eric Enger’s quickly-growing catalog (this marks GAH’s third release of 2008!), it was only a matter of time before the touchstone topic materialized into a six-song Christmas present of snow-dusted pop.

“Christmas in Love” is a joyful display of Enger’s intrinsic ability to craft gigantically jubilant pop choruses juxtaposed with poignant lyrical insights, all from the comfort of his modest basement studio. Hop-scotch melodies peppered with candy-coated instrumentation make for a gloriously dynamic take on classic holiday tradition. Enger and company have stuffed their sleigh full of brand new tracks that just may end up being caroled on your neighbor’s doorsteps for many holiday seasons to come. Scattering an assortment of Gentleman Auction House originals, both new and reinvented, as well as a playfully reworked classic, “Christmas in Love” should make for a wish list favorite this holiday season.

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