An Albatross – Blessphemy (CD)

An Albatross starts off their “Blessphemy” showing their appreciation for seventies rock. The first track on this disc is “In The Court of the Bear King”, a track that blends equal parts Judas Priest with Ted Nugent to create something extra special for listeners to be introduced by. Each of the tracks on “Blessphemy” are short almost to the degree of an Agoraphobic Nosebleed. While there are some surface similarities to the two acts, one must see that the bands are fundamentally different. An Albatross is not playing at the speed of light, but do play very fast and one can actually understand the arrangements which they lay down on “Blessphemy”. There is more of an overall album structure on “Blessphemy” that An Albatross create with each of their eighteen cuts on this disc.

A number of the songs on the disc are well over one minute, but An Albatross understand the necessity of including tracks like “Behold the Light” to fully set the mood (don’t worry fans, the track is still just a few seconds over two minutes long). The synthesizers hat play such a large part on “Blessphemy” walk the line between being serious additions to the overall sound of An Albatross and being goofy, almost Halloween-0sounding instruments. An Albatross have been through the album creation process before, so they are able to milk the synthesizer for all that it is worth. Each track on the album leads toward this completion; there are not radio tracks strewn amongst this mess. The tracks all have some kernel of interesting musical ability to them.

For example, the synthesizers that dominate during “I Will Swim Into The Lazer Eye” are something that continue along the next few tracks to give this section of “Blessphemy” a decidedly progressive metal feeling to things. An Albatross has been able to work off the successes of their prior albums to cut this album, which is sturdy and strong while still being flexible and fun. Sure, there is little chance that one will ever see An Albatross on mTV, but that is not their goal. However, they achieve their goal and more, as the album paints a picture without any gaffes or weaknesses; An Albatross acts as the sedated older family member of noise, and fulfills this role perfect in providing a cornerstone to the genre. “Blessphemy” is noise, dance, punk, and seventies rock all rolled up into one.

Top Tracks: In The Court of the Beat King, I Will Swim into the Lazer Eye

Rating: 6.5/10


An Albatross – Blessphemy / 2006 Ace Fu / 18 Tracks / / / Reviewed 17 July 2006

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