Slug #241

It is really awesome to see a print magazine succeed in this down economy, and it just seems to me as if Slug Magazine is doing just that. I could be wrong, but this issue seems heftier and more full than it ever has, with the only detriment being an advert for Natty Light on the back cover (you have to do certain things to pay the bills, I’m sure). The bulk of the rest of the advertisements in this issue are for local (Salt Lake City, for those uninformed) individuals and companies, further cementing Slug as the best local zine in the United States.

The amount of reviews, be it beer, movies, swag, video games, or music, will give readers a good guide about what killer (and weak) new things are being introduced into the market, while this month’s Localized showcases two acts in Digital Lov and Art Faux Variety Show – that I’d love to see if they came to my state. The “Top” piece gives readers about 80 (or more) different albums to check out, while the feature piece on Black Seas of Infinity goes into a tremendous level of detail. However, my favorite pieces in this issue would have to be the feature/interview piece with The Damned and the feature on Repo! The Genetic Opera. With the issue also giving the typical love to skaters and snowboarders, Slug has offered up yet another stellar issue that is perfect for perusing when waiting for someone or while on the can. Kudos, Slug, and here’s to a great 2009 for the ‘zine!

Rating: 7.5/10

Slug #241 / Free / 1:15 / 80M /

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