As I Lay Dying – Shadows Are Security (CD)

Hey, whatever makes you feel safe, just keep making records like this! Upon purchasing the new As I Lay Dying CD “Shadows Are Security”, I strongly urge another purchase. Please go to your nearest hardware store and pick up some sort of facial protection, because if you don’t the music on this album just might melt, and/or tear your face off, in the best way possible. The new album from the Californian quintet released on Metal Blade records, goes the furthest it possibly can from being the dreaded “sophomore slump” album with 12 blistering tracks that will scare the hell out of your mom.

She shouldn’t worry, because the boys keep it clean, with penetrating lyrics screamed brilliantly by vocalist Tim Lambesis. For example on the song “The Darkest Nights” with a screaming bloody murder tone, Tim blasts out the words “For so long I have felt alone, content to live with unrest. Longing faded into countless nights that buried my weary heart, but you brought an end to this dead hour.” These heartfelt lyrics throughout the entire album take it soaring out of our atmosphere. Every track on Shadows Are Security is laced with intricate, cut throat guitars, combining duel leads, with the screechiness that we all love. An insane amount of credit is to be given to drummer Jordan Mancino as well, as he lays down some of the heaviest, earth shaking beats one is capable of performing.

Some of the tracks combine extremely hook heavy guitar and vocal lines, but the boys also went out of their way to through some creases into puzzle, resulting in twists equipped with teeth chattering breakdowns, that will leave you wanting to either break or destroy something. With Shadows Are Security, As I Lay Dying, have progressed leaps and bounds from their first release Frail Words Collapse, and have taken a rightful seat with the metal elite. As I Lay Dying have also taken their furious brand of rock and further skewed, and blurred the line where hardcore ends, and metal begins. This record is definitely for the metal head inside all of us, pick it up and rock out as soon as possible!

Top Tracks: Meaning in Tragedy, The Darkest Nights, Reflection

Rating: 8.2/10

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As I Lay Dying – Shadows Are Security / 2005 Metal Blade / 12 Tracks / / / Reviewed 03 October 2005

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