Atomic Shelters – 5 Song Demo (CD)

Very roughly recorded album by this 3 piece band. This punk music is inherently catchy and the recording only helps endear this band to its audience. The guitars and bass are the high part of the album, with the vocals also playing a large part. Atomic Shelters are very adapt at playing different styles of music and add their own special flair to each song. As I am a bass play in my own right, bass-laden bands such as Atomic Shelters hold a special place in my heart. Skataman can definitely play his bass at a masterful level, actually controlling the tempo instead of the guitars or drums, as is common custom . The infusion of ska into this heavily punk band is an interesting change of tempo and further shows how agile Atomic Shelters are as a band. “Greatest Treasure” is the only weak song in a bunch of jaw-dropping songs, and amazingly it is actually pretty good unless it is compared to the other 4 songs. Towards the end of the songs the tempo picks up, definitely making the song better. Pacinko’s vocals are very distinct and will be remembered along such great masters as Jello Biafra and Johnny Rotten. The beginning of “anything About You” is one of the best examples I’ve heard of a bass solo out of the 50-60 albums I’ve reviewed. Get hold of these guys at their website, which is


Atomic Shelters – 5 Song Demo

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