Cheers: The Final Season (DVD Set)

Cheers is one of a few shows that stayed strong, even as the show wound down in the 1992 – 1993 season. Cheers: The Final Season captures this and showcases another interesting thing. This is the fact that a typical show’s runtime was much longer season-wise then (23 episodes are present on this DVD set, where most shows sputter out in the 15-20 episode range). This 4-disc set ensures that individuals will be at the very least busy for a smidge over 10 hours.

There is not too much in the way of extra features on this DVD set, but having something like the three-part “One For The Road” in its entirety should be seen as an incredibly valuable thing in and of itself. What really strikes me is how vibrant and realistic the footage is here; I wrong the show I still under 20 years old, but I feel that what is present is some of the strongest reproductions that have taken place in a DVD set. This eleventh season has a lot of change compared to the prior runs: the show starts after the bar was burnt down by Rebecca (Kirstie Alley) and Sam has to take on the gargantuan task of rebuilding the bar to the specifications of all eir patrons. The whoel Sam/Rebecca storyline is support by a secondary storyline that sees Lillith leaves Frasier, a storyline that would be the impetus for (and follow through the entirety) of the spinoff show Frasier. Until Cheers makes the jump to the Blu-Ray format, I do not know what is left to do on the Cheers tip.

All eleven seasons have been done masterfully by Paramount, and fans of Cheers do not have to wait for weird hours or weird television stations (punctuated by commercials, at that) to get their Cheers fix. While the show has been off the air (at least, no new episodes have been made) since 1993, this DVD set will immediately show viewers why exactly Cheers was such a groundbreaking show.

Rating: 8.7/10

Cheers: The Final Season / 2009 Paramount / 648 Minutes /

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