Oliver and Company 20th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

I remember when Oliver and Company was first released; I was 6, and recalled wanting to see the film when it was first released. However, in the years that passed, the film has fallen out of my memory, until Disney announced plans that they were going to release an updated DVD for the film’s twentieth anniversary celebration. This DVD is what we hold in our hands, and it features a number of different bonuses that will make this an intelligent purchase. The film, as individuals may recall featuers Oliver (cat) that are looking for some completion in their life.

Tying eir fortune to that of a number of dogs – Oliver looks to find someone that can give eir the love that ey truly needs. Aside from the normal film (in Widescreen, and with Spanish and French tracks), the added features give viewers enjoyment well beyond the 74 minute run time that the original Oliver and Company had. This means that there are two additional mini-cartoons (“Lend a Paw” and “Puss Café”) that further flesh out the characters that individuals will see during Oliver and Company. For those individuals that want their DVDs to be properly versatile, there is a game on the DVD (“Oliver’s Big City Challenge”) that will keep individuals busy for a decent amount of time, while there are a number of tracks from the movie that are presented in a karaoke format for viewers, young and old, to appreciate.

Beyond that, the quality of the video transfer that Disney has commissioned for this DVD is stellar, approaching the level of the original theatrical presentation that wowed so many viewers 20 years ago. Make it a point to pick up a copy of this DVD with the $6 off coupon attached – if one buys a copy of this film with Space Buddies, they can knock off $6 from the total. Disney has attempted to ratchet up the value on each disc, and they truly have; I eagerly anticipate the next releases from Disney in the next year.

Rating: 8.2/10

Oliver and Company 20th Anniversary Edition / 2009 Disney / 74 Minutes / http://www.disneydvd.com

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