Behemoth – Buford (CD)

Yet another of the oddly-premised bands off of the Columbus-based label Diaphragm records, Behemoth plays a type of down-and-dirty punk music that reminds one of “Jesus Built My Hotrod”- era Ministry meets ZZ Top and Black Sabbath. While I am going purely by the cd liner notes, the band looks to have an average age of 35, and yet still rocks out more than kids that are 20.

With guitars that would make any speed metal freak jealous, Behemoth plods through each track with a sort of nitro-fed fury that will not be quenched. Not afraid to experiment, “Swinger 340” begins with a cowbell, and proceeds to whip itself into a 38-special style guitar-driven song with lyrics to match. Continuing the tradition of hard-rocking, “Swinger 340” also moves into a grinding end that ties the guitar and drums together in an orgasmic head-banging treat. Behemoth really reminds me of another local Ohio band, this one from a couple years ago, in Hilljack.

Where most of Hilljack’s songs were just talking about alcohol, what I can make out of Behemoth’s lyrics actually talk about different topics. Although, there is a track on “Buford” that does happen to talk about being “Too Far Gone, Night after Night”. Showing that there can never been too much cowbell, Behemoth brings back the masterful instrument in “Bobolenium”, where it provides a driving beat that the drums only reluctantly take over for small pieces of the song. This disc is very strong, with tracks that are clear, well-recorded, and with tracks that literally sound as if they were written 20 years ago.

Top Track : Bobolenium

Rating : 7.9/10

Behemoth – Buford / 6 Tracks / Diaphragm Records /

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