Crop Organic Cucumber Artisanal Vodka (70 Proof)

It seems that at every party that we hold, the flavored spirits are the quickest to go. One of those spirits, the Cucumber that we recently received from Crop, has been drained at a slightly slower rate than most others. I believe that this is because Crop has picked out a very interesting flavor, one that has not been seen by many. The initial opening of the bottle yields a refreshing, clean fragrance that is a spot-on representation for the vodka’s stated flavor.

This is even more impressive given the fact that all of Crop’s products are certified organic, and that means that there are not charcoal treatments or other wasteful uses of materials to create a truly palatable spirit. In regards to the smoothness, I would have to place the Crop Cucumber at a level comparable to a Alchemia or Zyr, linking together a great price with a smooth flow that is equivalent to the highest-priced vodkas currently out on the market. The light Cucumber tinge to the vodka makes for something utterly unique, and should ensure that any true connoisseur of spirits picks up a bottle in short order.

The proof of this spirit (70) ensures that the only thing light and mild about the spirit is the aforementioned flavor, yielding a spirit that is truly versatile. This means that, if drinkers are bold enough, they can take down shots of the Crop Cucumber and be properly affected after the first few attempts. However, if individuals want to see the complex dynamic of the Cucumber vodka in action, mix in a liberal amount of Sprite or Squirt, or go for the gusto and throw in some sweetened lime juice or grenadine. Keep an eye out, both for Crop’s many other varietals and for our coverage of those varietals, in the days and months to come.

Rating: 8.5/10

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