Margo Reymundo – My Heart’s Desire (CD)

“My Heart’s Desire” showcases Reymundo’s love of jazz, tying the track’s fortunes to a tradition that leads forward from Billie Holiday all the way out to Macy Gray. The track expertly teeters between solid musicianship and catchy vocals, virtually ensuring that listeners will stick with Reymundo for the long haul . “Tell Me” has a little more of a tropical feel, as the vocals come forth from a much older tradition than the current-sounding effort would indicate. It is through the firm grounding of each track in these earlier traditions that makes “My Heart’s Desire” such a great disc: while the outward stylings of the track may be straightforward, how exactly Reymundo got there is a much more varied and interesting story.

“Wrapped Around Your Finger” is another single-worthy track for Reymundo, as her vocals on the track both tell a story and provide an additional level of harmony. Reymundo’s work on this track, along with later-disc efforts such as “Chimes” and “Thank You”, continue this trend and provide listeners with a common thread that they can refer back to throughout the entirety of the disc. “Picture This” brings back the tropical rhythms that have been present at points and spins the style to produce something new and exciting that is lasting.

“Couldn’t Be More Wrong” succeeds based on the intense instrumentation that is present through the entirety of the track, marrying a Santana-like guitar with equally dense and intelligent percussion. There may be a total of 16 tracks during “My Heart’s Desire”, but there is nothing in the way of a weak track. In fact, the disc is like a fine wine in that it gets better as it spins along: “Chimes” and “Couldn’t Be More Wrong” build off the work that was first broached during “My Heart’s Disease” and provide Reymundo with the perfect jumping-off point for any albums that may follow. While the styles that Reymundo use may not be a listener’s “thing”, the skill and ability brought each track by Reymundo is enough to ensure that listeners find this disc to be a work of beauty.

Top Tracks: Tell Me, Picture the Way Back

Rating: 8.2/10

Margo Reymundo – My Heart’s Desire / 2009 Self / 16 Tracks /

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