Marianne Kesler – Pear In The Pink Thing (CD)

It’s always nice to see a musician enjoy success from Ohio, and Marianne Kesler has just done that with her “Pear In The Pink Thing”. What she has done with this album has, while touching on some common threads, really defined what it is to be a woman and a musician in the current music scene. Whether it is during the disc’s first track “Mystery”, or even the last (“The Needle and the Damage Done”), Kesler has put her heart and soul into this release. “Mystery” unites a strong instrumental presence with a set of vocals that builds off of the work of individuals like Natalie Cole and Lisa Loeb, while “Once More” ties in a little R&B influence into a Tori meets Ani type of feel.

It is this openness to change that makes “Pear In The Pink Thing” such a great album: while there will be a general style that the compositions here conform to, the ability of Kesler allows for some tracks that marry together influences, genres, and overall sounds that most musicians would never even consider. “Every Time” is a perfect example of this, as a Sheryl Crow-influenced set of vocals is taken alongside the pop work of Fiona Apple and even manages to throw in a country tine at the periphery . The disc shines even brighter when “Still Small Sadness” begins. The vocals, strong as ever present a set of instrumentation that is ever shifting.

What results is something that should be on all rotation radio stations, as the song can be spun to fit pop, alternative, and even college rock radio with little work. Where most artists are perfectly happy sliding their weaker tracks towards the end of the disc, Kesler makes sure that “Pear In The Pink Thing” ends with a bang. In particular, a double shot of Neil Young covers(first as a member of CSNY in “Ohio” and as a solo artist in “The Needle and The Damage Done”) closes up the disc. Where most musicians do not have the chops or the instrumental quality present to do Mr. Young justice, Kesler is able to imbue each track with her style, creating songs that work just as well today as they did for Neil Young in the seventies and eighties. Buy a copy of “Pear In The Pink Thing” and hear exactly what I am talking about; fans of any sort of music will be able to find bits and pieces that will keep them coming back for more until Kesler comes out with her new album.

Top Tracks: Still Small Sadness, Neon Moon

Rating: 8.3/10

Marianne Kesler – Pear In The Pink Thing / 2007 Cool Spirit Publishing / 12 Tracks /

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2 thoughts on “Marianne Kesler – Pear In The Pink Thing (CD)”

  1. That is the cool thing about Marianne Kesler’s music. You cannot label it- she takes on all genres- a true artist keeps it open like that!!!

  2. Marianne’s music is soothing but also makes you think! Best of both worlds. What a great artist, poet, and musician!

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